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ALBUM (Artist/Project)


A Thousand Faces (Beats Antique)


Sing Me Malaise (Rosin Coven)


Menagerie (Rosin Coven)


Streetcar Too Far? (Pickpocket Ensemble)


Yoko (Beulah)


Have One On Me (Joanna Newsom)


Bleeding Together (Wide Hive Records)


Sunset Scavengers (DJ Zeph ..Wide Hive Records)


Interno (rf)


Ruupert Dances in Fins (The Toids)


Divided Loyalties (Dan Cantrell)


Music for Ultra Gypsies (3 Spell)


The Right to Be Here (Copper Wimmin)


Bhakti (Suzanne Sterling)


Winnies Guitar (Lynn Patrick)


Interstate Medicine (Slim (Michael Baker)


Discord Aggregate (A. Molotkov)


Morning Of Radiance (Basquerole)


Sherefe (Sherefe)


Gypsy Caravan Berbatis & Key Largo (Gypsy Caravan)


Shores of Avalon (Tina Malia)

and many more...

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