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I love to teach, and have a variety of private students ranging in ages from 5-83! and from beginning to advanced levels. I use a classical technique basis with all of my students, and then branch off from there to anything from classical, improv, to Middle Eastern, to whatever inspires you most!


I do keep students to small numbers (usually between 15-20) to ensure that I have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to be a good teacher, so please contact me here to check availability.


Private lessons: are one on one, and usually on a weekly basis.


Rates: are $55 for 30 min. or $90 for an hour.




Lessons are for learning new notes, songs, and techniques. Your lesson is your special time with your teacher where you get 100% percent of my attention. Please be prepared for your lesson by learning the assignment from the previous week. I will teach you how to practice at home but lessons are not practice sessions. They are for learning new material and for building musical skills. Lessons are more fun for you and me both if you are prepared to move ahead.




Twenty-four hour notice is required for lesson cancellations. If required notice is given, the missed lesson may be rescheduled within that week if my schedule will allow. If students forget to attend a scheduled lesson, the lesson must still be paid in full and will not be made up. Naturally, folks get sick and emergencies happen. I will do my best to reschedule these lessons later that week if space is available. If it is not possible to reschedule within that same week the lesson will still be charged.  This is because part of what you are paying for is for me to keep that slot open each week.  With the number of students that I have that end up cancelling for one reason or another (especially during the fall and winter seasons) it is just not financially or logistically feasible for me to reschedule for future weeks or give lesson credits. If you decide to discontinue lessons, please give advance notice and finish the month if possible. This allows me to prepare for the upcoming month.


 If I am sick or cannot attend the lesson for any reason, I will contact you and ask you if you would like to; A. arrange for a substitute teacher, B. reschedule for late in the week, or C. Wait until the following week and receive a credit.




Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend lessons. For young beginners, I require parents to be present because they are the home teacher. As they mature, children often learn and respond differently when they work one on one with their teacher. Many students enjoy having lessons on their own, with a parent observing once in a while. This allows the student to develop a personal relationship with violin and music, but keeps parents involved and informed. Each student is different and we can work together to find the best learning environment for your child.




Ninety percent of the improvement you will make on the violin happens all by yourself through practicing. In your lesson, you will learn how and what to practice each week. I will write an assignment in your folder and teach you how to practice at home. You don't need to practice for hours each day. Consistency is the best way to improve your playing. This means finding a time each day that you can practice a little. It's the same as doing your homework each day so you get smarter and can keep up with your class. For beginners, 10 or 15 minutes a day is good. As you improve, you will have more to practice and will need more time. Advanced students may need up to two hours a day to cover all their material. Make a practice schedule, mapping out what times you can practice each day. Some days you may only have 10 minutes. That's okay- a little bit of time each day will make a BIG difference!




You can rent a good quality instrument at Ifshin Violins in El Cerrito.


A staff paper notebook. -Ifshin also carries these, or you may find them on line.


Music books - I will give you copies of sheet music. Please keep a notebook where you can have them all in one place. Throughout the course of your lessons I may ask you to pick up certain music books based on your needs inspirations. These are generally available through Shar Music on line, or at Ifshin Violins.

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