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rememory is an album equal parts hip hop and klezmer, old world and new with a message about immigration justice.  Composed by Lila Sklar, words and rap by Ariel Luckey.

Lila Sklar & Dan Cantrell

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Check out links to Lila's current groups and fellow collaborators for info and upcoming shows:

Lila is also an approved provider at:

Odd Jobs for MXR

A short piece written and performed by Dan Cantrell and Lila Sklar for MXR effects pedals.


A video put together by dancer Rachel Brice.  The Song is called "Whisper Hungarian In My Ear" composed by Dan Cantrell  and performed by The Toids with Lila Sklar on violin, Dan Cantrell on accordion, Ryan Francesconi on tambura, Jerry Sommers on percussion, and Bill Lanphier on Bass.

Janam- Lume

Balkan meets Americana.  Two traditonal tunes worlds apart blended into one..

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